To introduce myself, I am Paul Maidment and I am a software engineer. By day, I write and maintain software in Java and sometimes PHP for a leading affiliate marketing company. In my leisure time I have diverse interests, including electronics and microcontrollers (at this time ESP8266, ESP32 and Atmel 328 devices) C#, Java, Unity3D, Virtual & Augmented reality, this list is by no means exhaustive.

I finally decided to start writing a blog so that I can share some of the things I am doing on social media and with my friends from the MakerSpace I am involved with.

My current project is “Laser Tag” powered by ESP8266 microcontrollers, it is very much at an early phase where I am deciding how I will build the platform from a high level, running experiments on breadboards and so on.

It is my intention to keep this blog up to date with information on different parts of the project as I work on them, hopefully this will be of interest to some readers.

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